Worcester House Practice

Whatever your health challenge, the depth of experience brought by each one of our practitioner team, combining the power of non-invasive bio-energetic technologies with the deep insight gained from training in multiple health disciplines, makes the practitioners at Worcester House your perfect partners in the journey back to optimal health.

Why choose Worcester House Wellness Centre?

The key features of our approach to helping you are:

  • the very latest natural health screening technology helps to gain insight in minutes to the unique aspects of your individual condition, its likely causative roots and, most vitally, the things that can support you in feeling better

  • a quick and focused approach to developing a health-optimisation plan for you. While we will always be here for you we do not rely on multiple repeat visits to get you on the right track

  • a very high level of awareness of the interaction between life-journey and health-journey, and the role played by relationship, family and life experiences in how dis-ease develops and how to progress beyond it

  • choose the practitioner that resonates for you, in the confidence they are all well-versed in the methods that have made Worcester House (formally NutriVital Health) renowned for impressive success rates

  • we see the whole of you, and not your ‘disease’, meaning that our recommendations and support are never formulaic, but tuned to your unique needs

  • each of our practitioners has more than 15 years successful experience helping people back on track to good health

  • our clinical practice, in Hampshire and London, is a centre of excellence from which we train and support other practices UK and worldwide in the powerful combination of approaches we have become known for

  • the greatest strength of our approach is the combination of the tried and tested methods of nutritional therapy, homeopathy, herbal medicine and bodywork with the power of the information revealed by energy medicine technology that guides us to know what is uniquely true for you NOW.

Read more about the Asyra and Qest4 screening technology, the Scenar pain elimination system and some of the natural health support methods including nutrition and informational remedies in the links on the left.

Meet our primary practitioners: Donna Draper, Hazel Drummond and Jane Piper

To book your appointment call 01730 233414 or request a callback by emailing info@nutrivital.co.uk.

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Our Practitioners

Donna Draper

Asyra, Scenar, Homeopathy, Coaching

Jane Piper

Asyra, Kinesiology, Natural Nutrition

Hazel Drummond

Asyra, Homeopathy, Nutrition

Treatment Room Hire

If you are a practitioner, you can hire practice space at NutriVtal choosing from our range of fully serviced rooms in the heart of Petersfield.