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Asyra Summit 2011 CD Pack

Asyra Summit 2011 CD Pack

The Asyra Summit 2011 was a wonderful weekend that brought together Asyra users from many different backgrounds to share, develop and become inspired. We commissioned a professional recording of the proceedings and are now making these available to practitioners. If you were unable to attend, this is the next best thing to being there. Equally, the recordings may be of interest to those who did attend and would like to refer to the material.

The lectures include:

  • Joe Galloway - perhaps the most experienced EDS designer in the world, Joe delivered two lectures: one on the technology and science of EDS and how we got from Dr. Voll's Galvanometer to the Asyra; and another on the new Compensatory Drift protocol, to help with particularly difficult cases. Joe also hosted extensive Q&A sessions, giving Asyra practitioners the rare opportunity to pose their questions to the designer of the technology.

  • Dr. Susan Eardley - research fellow at the prestigious University of Southampton Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research Centre, Susan provided fascinating and practical research-based insights into factors influencing bioenergetic health treatment.

  • Dr. Robert Verkerk - former research fellow at Imperial College, London, Dr. Verkerk is now one of the world's leading crusaders for natural health. He described the regulatory changes that could (or for some, do) affect us all as natural health practitioners.

  • We also enjoyed presentations by Asyra users with some unique take on using the Asyra - including one extremely successful practitioner who treats animals using the Asyra; a panel discussion with Q&A, covering a wide range of questions from Asyra users of all experience levels; Asyra as a Gateway to Consciousness, from Lynne Edwards; holistic dentist Susan Farrer delivering Oral Health Matters: The Oro-Dermal Layer and its relationships within CAM; and our very own Mark Conrad discussing Science and Health.



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