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Prostate Problems

Prostate cancer is cancer of the prostate gland, which is located in the male reproductive system, close to the rectum. The entire prostate encloses the urethra. The prostate is also a “dumping ground” for toxins such as heavy metals, bacteria, chemicals and pesticides – even radiation from mobile phones.

If the prostate is enlarged, or if the PSA count is raised (over 4 – 6), it is likely that the prostate is toxic, which can lead to a cancerous condition. Early detection makes all the difference!

Symptoms can include changes in urination patterns: reflux, delayed, pain, burning pain, desire to go without any flow, only a very small release, and uncomfortable feeling when sitting. Mood swings can also be a symptom of prostate problems.

Treating Toxic Prostate

The first priority for any diet is to eradicate toxins. At The Centre For Integrated Health, we recommend the following:

Drink at least one and a half litres of water daily (in our opinion, bottled Volvic is the best).

Avoid tea, coffee, alcohol and sugar, as they are poisonous (use herbal alternatives).

Organic vegetables and fruit should account for at least 60% of your diet. Raw is best, but steamed and stir-fried is also good.

Protein should be eaten daily in the form of beans, nuts and fish

Carbohydrates should be in the form of oats, rye, barley, millet and quinoa. Wheat, rice and potatoes should be eaten in lesser amounts.

Oils and fats Animal fats, margarines and heat-treated oils should be avoided. You can use cold-pressed olive, flax and nut oils. Butters made from almond, cashew and hazelnuts are delicious. Use the absolute minimum of oils when cooking. Do not use peanut/ground nut oil.

Herbs should be used fresh. Try coriander, parsley, tarragon and fennel with pine nuts in slightly warmed olive oil. Not only will this help in detoxification, it will also add good flavour to your food.

Some individuals may be intolerant to ‘good’ foods such as certain fruits and vegetables. By continuing to eat them their immune system will be compromised. Therefore, it is best to have them checked. Our scans provide all the insights we need to tailor a treatment plan to the needs of the individual.

Case Study

It’s often the case at The Centre For Integrated Health that people come in for some reason, and our non-invasive full system scans show prostate problems additionally.
Early detection and treatment of prostate problems is of extremely high value. Not only will our scans identify problems early and identify the most effective course of treatment for the individual concerned; but our experienced practitioners will advise clients on self-examination and preventative measures.

Learn More

The dangers of prostate disease and prostate cancer are very real and their effects severe. The earlier problems are identified, the more likely it is that problems can be curbed. Our scanning technology can help identify problems before symptoms would be recognized, and can identify the correct course of treatment.

Contact us to learn more, and remember: early detection and treatment is vital.

There follows a list of products that clients have enjoyed success with. For personalised advice, please email or call 01730 233 414.

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