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Experts define infertility as either the inability to become pregnant after one year of trying, or as the cause of repeat miscarriages. Infertility is a very stressful and challenging problem that affects everyone involved, on a variety of levels: physical, psychological and emotional.

The causes of infertility can vary considerably, and can be linked to either the female’s or male’s biology. It’s popularly understood that the inability to reproduce is down to issues within the female, but in many cases, the challenge is linked to male sperm: either not enough, or misshaped and thus unable to effectively reach the female’s egg.

Infertility Treatment

Here at The Centre For Integrated Health, we approach this serious, stressful and very sensitive topic with the appropriate compassion, care and discretion. We respect that for many couples, the issue of infertility is life-changing and demands complete professional support.

We begin searching for solutions by looking at both partners, and evaluating a variety of health factors. It has been our experience that lifestyle and nutrition play a dramatic role in blocking or enabling fertility. Once we identify areas that can be improved, we build a personalized health improvement plan for each partner; one that fits into their routine and supports existing obligations and commitments. We carefully monitor and track progress to ensure that measurable improvements are being made, and fertility potential is increasing.

Case Study

“J” and her partner visited us after spending (in their own words) a “small fortune” on fertility treatment without experiencing results. Naturally, the costs were more than financial; the psychological and emotional toll was understandably severe.

We worked with “J” and her partner to identify nutrition and lifestyle challenges that were interfering with fertility. Vitamin and mineral screening on both partners identified the need to boost different nutrients. Hormone screening indicated that both parties – and “J” in particular – had hormone imbalances, and herbal supplementation and homeopathic treatment was identified to help correct this.

Based on our treatment, and of course, the commitment of J and her partner to address this challenge, we were delighted to receive a note from “J”, which we present here – this sums up our “results”!

“I just wanted to email you following my last appointment to advise you that, after a difficult first few months, I am now 20 weeks pregnant.

After all your help and guidance in helping us to conceive and then sadly losing our baby, your work has been successful again. We are so grateful for everything. The hospital scan showed that everything is progressing well; slightly smaller than the average 20-week baby, but they seemed satisfied that was okay.

We are both still really nervous but we have booked a 4D scan, which includes a full well-being check up at week 24, so we are looking forward to that. I’d like to visit you again after the birth and promise to bring our little girl to meet you. Many thanks again for all your help and support.”

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We know that infertility is a challenging, stressful and even frightening experience. However, as was demonstrated in the case above, there are innovative new methods to help identify and remove obstacles to successful reproduction.

If you’re struggling with infertility, give us a call. We’ll confidentially and compassionately describe the treatment methods that may be open to you and your partner. It may be the most life-changing call that you make. Telephone 01730 233 414.

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