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Hyperactivity is a rather misunderstood condition, often because it’s not usually seen as a health issue! We often describe someone as “hyperactive” when they have an abundance of energy. However, clinically, hyperactivity is a disease that can be quite serious.

Generally, hyperactivity is a stressful emotional state whereby the sufferer experiences strong reactions to various stimuli, such as environmental, emotional, or even nutritional (i.e. over-reacting to certain foods, relative to someone who doesn’t suffer from hyperactivity).

Treating Hyperactivity

Conventional medicine often prescribes the same drugs for hyperactivity as it does for patients with ADD or ADHD. These drugs include antidepressants and stimulants (such as Ritalin), which paradoxically, can “calm down” a sufferer rather than stimulate them. However, these drugs carry both the risk of dependency, and serious side-effects.

At The Centre For Integrated Health, our experience clearly informs us that dietary habits are often at the “root cause” of hyperactivity. We also often find that vaccination disturbances may be a contributing factor, as is geopathic stress and dental mercury.

In terms of treatment, we’ve discovered that unique phenolics are often useful, as are changes to eating/diet habits. Some people show very strong sensitivity to certain food additives and colouring, so identifying and avoiding these can be beneficial.

Case Study

”H”, a seven year-old boy, was very disruptive and was continuously being sent home from school. When his parents brought him to our clinic, he tried to destroy it! Naturally, tensions within the family (between his parents and other siblings) was emerging and adding to the problem and the overall stress of the situation.

Our experienced practitioner performed a full scan of “H” and identified that he was suffering from Candida (overgrowth of yeast). This was triggering discomfort and compelling him to “act out”. Working with his mother to develop a practical health programme (“H” was a very fussy eater), we developed a health programme for “H” that included a dietary overhaul and the inclusion of drops and a gel (for easy administration). The impact on “H” was radical! He became a “different child” entirely, within weeks. When his mother brought “H” back for the follow-up appointment, she explained that he was now being described by all as calm, thoughtful, and caring.. Even a teacher with whom Harry had the most trouble with was gladly spending extra-hours with him to help him catch up on the work that his condition had caused him to fall behind on!

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Hyperactivity is far more than a personality trait. It’s a health problem. For many people, it controls their life and limits their options and potential. An inability to endure long journeys, the inability to concentrate, and problems with family and other relationships are just a few of the direct consequences of hyperactivity. We invite you to contact us if you, or a family member (such as a child), are suffering from hyperactivity. We have a great deal of experience in this area, and our scanning technology will discover the “root causes” that conventional medical assessments cannot reveal; and map the path forward. Call us today to learn more.

If you wish to discuss your individual needs then please telephone 01730 233 414.

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