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Chronic Pain

Pain is not foreign to anyone; but acute or chronic pain cannot be treated always at the symptomatic level.

Treating Pain Conditions

Conventional medicine often treats pain management at the “pain-relief” level; that is, prescribing drugs that mask the pain. This is effective temporarily, but can lead to dependency and the drugs carry side effects.
At The Centre For Integrated Health, we have found that the root cause of pain is often bone, joint or muscle vitamin and/or mineral deficiencies. We use our advanced screening technology and SCENAR device to address both the affected area and the underlying disturbances that lead to pain. In our experience, almost 100% of patients experience pain relief from our treatment.

Case Study

Since pulling a trolley at an airport, “L” had difficulty walking. Instantly, she had developed an agonizing pain in her back and in her right leg. By way of conventional treatment, she had received numerous injections and was taking prescribed painkillers to tide her over while she sat on the waiting list for an operation.

When she first visited us, “L”’s pain was so severe that she could not walk. We scanned her in order to identify any problems that had left her susceptible to the injury; and treated her using the SCENAR machine. The pain relief she experienced from our treatment was so significant, that she walked out of our clinic, smiling. After her follow-up appointment and second treatment, “L”’s condition had improved so much that she was no longer in any pain at all! Her consultant even sent a letter thanking us for taking a patient off the operation waiting list.

Learn More

Pain can negatively impact all of life’s activities: working, socializing, sleeping and even simply enjoying life itself. We have in-depth experience helping people relieve their pain and, in some cases, eliminate it entirely. Contact us to learn more about our scanning and treatment options. Like “L”, you may find yourself smiling and living pain-free sooner and easier than you think!

There follows a list of products that clients have enjoyed success with. For personalised advice, please email or call 01730 233 414.

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