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Cancer Support

Cancer isn’t a specific illness, but rather a group of related illnesses. What they all have in common is that they involve irregular cellular overgrowth. This overgrowth continues to spread, unless successfully treated.

It is absolutely essential to note that no therapy of ANY kind can claim to “cure cancer.” And such a claim is illegal. There is no medically validated “cure” for cancer. There are, however, some treatments that can, sometimes, be beneficial to sufferers. This is different than saying that something “cures” cancer. Please keep this in mind as you review any proposed cancer treatment.

Dealing with Cancer

At The Centre For Integrated Health, we begin by providing individualized dietary advice and where appropriate, food supplements. We also believe that lifestyle, mental and emotional issues play a role in contributing to – or stemming – the spread of cancer cells. It’s also very noteworthy that in 100% of the cancer patients that we have seen in our clinic, they all have either Candida or parasites. We therefore aim to help patients clear these up. We also provide specific support to help with the effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

With respect to diet and supplementation, we have recognized that there is a different approach suitable for each type of cancer. We invite our patients to consult closely with our herbalist, in order to enhance their treatment plan. We also have found lymphatic draining to be useful for some types of cancer.

Case Study

Because cancer affects sufferers in many ways – the effects of the cancer, psychological effects, and the effects of the severe treatments – it’s important that they keep their health operating at its full potential.
Many cancer patients who have visited The Centre find that they have other problems that can be treated – such as internal parasites – the treatment of which strengthens their systems and improves their overall condition and sense of well-being. Our practitioners are sensitive to the needs of cancer patients and experienced in supporting them.

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Cancer is a very serious, sometimes life-threatening disease. We understand that all of our patients will be actively working with their medical doctor and, possibly, taking some form of chemotherapy. We respect these procedures, and introduce natural supports that can help in the overall treatment care program. Please contact us for a review of how our scanning and nutritional/natural therapies can play a positive role in your situation.

If you wish to discuss your individual needs then please telephone 01730 233 414. The following recommendations are extremely general. Cancer is a strong reaction in the body and tackling it takes just as radical a change; and it will take more than supplementation. Please seek personalised advice.

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