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The first book in a series of 9. Megré, a Russian entrepreneur, documents his discovery of Anastasia in 1995 while he was plying the waters of the remote Ob River in Siberia. She escorted him back to her "homestead", a glade deep in the forest, and led Megré into a world of cosmic consciousness. He initially spent three days with Anastasia during which time she displayed such astounding knowledge, power and wisdom that he abandoned his trading business and, at her request, began writing these books that became known as The Ringing Cedars Series.

Anastasia told him she would encode his books with "an energy" that would lift readers' spirits and cause the books to sell in the millions. Despite his lack of writing experience, this is exactly what happened. With no advertisement other than word-of-mouth, books of the Ringing Cedars Series have sold over 10 million copies in Russia alone, and have since been translated into 20 languages, making Vladimir Megré one of Russia's most widely read authors.



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