SCENAR Transforms Pain

Do you need a truly effective approach to pain for your clients. SCENAR is the technology that can make the difference for acute and chronic pain with perceivable results in minutes. Click here to read more. Please call 01730 237241 to talk to an expert.

Asyra / QEST4 Technology

The Asyra and Qest4 bioenergetic testing systems bring instant insight in your health practice Click here to find out more.

Renting Space For Your Practice or Event at Worcester House

Worcester House offers rooms for rental, or for closer partnerships with practitioners and course leaders in associated fields of health, wellness and personal development. We occupy a beautiful and spacious 18th century building in the heart of Petersfield.

Our normal office hours are 09.00 to 17.30 Monday to Friday, during which reception support is provided, as it is on Tuesday evenings till 10pm. Other evening and weekend use is on a no-receptionist basis. A bright and comfortable waiting room is available for your clients.

We have two rooms suitable for group work and four that are suitable for individual consultations. We can accommodate most types of consultation and some group activities during office hours, while other group work would be more suited to evenings or weekends. Rates are dependent on duration and regularity of the booking with indications for single sessions shown below.

Please come and meet us if you are interested in establishing a practice at the Worcester House. For one off bookings please call us. Practices in residence have access to an online booking system.

Room Choices

groupwork roomGroup Room – our largest space, an elegant panelled room measuring 20 × 20 ft on the first floor. Projector can be used onto a folding screen. Seats up to 25 on chairs or cushions or around 8 people for movement- based activities. Day £75 Weekend £140 Half-day £45 available evenings and weekends only.
Training Room – very quiet and totally unoverlooked, while still being bright, our training room is 20 by 13 feet and has a whiteboard and ceiling mounted projector. Can be setup with comfortable seats for 16-25 people or classroom style with portable desks for up to 12 people. Can also be clear floorspace. Day £65 Weekend £120 Half-day £35 90 minute class (2 hrs use) £25

Our four consulting rooms are available on a flexible hourly basis, usually £10 per hour for a single consultation, and half/full-day rates may be available for regular weekly slots.

large consulting roomLarge Consulting Room 1 – on the second floor next to the waiting room, with desk, couch, and 2 armchair + coffee table setup. Dual aspect. Around 16ft x 10ft. (Limited availability.) Day £50 Half-day £30.

small consulting roomSmall Consulting Room 2 – on the second floor, very bright but cosy room with 2 windows. Ideal for armchair based consultations. Set up with 2 chairs and a small desk. Day £45 Half-day £25.

AWAITING IMAGE Small Consulting Room 3 – on the second floor, another room ideal for seated counselling-type work. Set up with 2 chairs. Day £45 Half-day £25.

large consulting room or officeLarge Consulting Room 4 – on the second floor at far end, overlooks the High St. and memorial. Set up with desk, two armchairs and treatment couch. Day £50 Half-day £30.

If you would like to explore the possibility of offering your therapy or training at the NutriVital Centre and to have a tour of the available facilities, please contact us on 01730 233414 or email

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Treatment Room Hire

If you are a practitioner, you can hire practice space at NutriVtal choosing from our range of fully serviced rooms in the heart of Petersfield.

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