Worcester House Therapist Jane Piper

jane_piperJane has been a kinesiology and nutrition practitioner for 17 years. Using energetic testing in the form of Asyra bioresonance and kinesiology muscle testing, as well as iridology and a detailed case history, she helps clients understand their current health needs and take positive steps towards improvement.

Central to Jane’s practice is a belief that by reading the body’s subtle signals it is possible to address the imbalances that give rise to unwanted symptoms. The body has the innate ability to heal itself; we just need to learn to read its messages.

The recent addition of Asyra/QEST bioresonance testing to Jane’s practice provides the ability to screen the whole body-mind system at an energetic level and identify accurately what is needed to restore balance.

Jane aims to work with you to bring your body back into balance using diet and lifestyle advice, hands-on bodywork, supplementation support and herbal & vibrational remedies.

Throughout my therapeutic and teaching practice I have worked extensively with individuals, families, groups, in schools, providing insight, support and guidance on many emotional and health issues.

The turning point in my own journey towards greater health was discovering, through kinesiology, that energetic testing could show exactly which foods caused a stress for me at a particular time, where other approaches had failed. My body was also able to signal that the causative issue for what appeared to be ‘food sensitivity’ was actually an unresolved emotional issue from years before. This new understanding allowed me to make the changes I needed to improve my health and general well being. I was so blown away by the realization that we can ‘ask the body’ that I went on to study kinesiology so I could show other people the way to greater health and awareness.

A particularly rewarding part of my journey was as part of a team of health practitioners who formed Indigo Touch, a charity supporting children with special needs by offering complementary health care. Children love energy testing – it is fun, fascinating and they just ‘get it’.

My goal here at Worcester House is to help people make positive choices about their health and well-being, with a view to helping them reach their potential. As well as offering consultations, I run introductory workshops in energy medicine and a variety of accredited kinesiology courses including Touch for Health.

*~Jane is a KFRP (Kinesiology Federation Registered Practitioner), as well as a trainer, assessor and mentor for the International Kinesiology College. She is trained in Natural Nutrition to Diploma level and regularly attends CPD events.*~

To make an appointment or to find out about workshops/training, call 01730 233414

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