Good nutrition is the baseline of your physical health.

Providing your body with the optimal intakes of nutrients contributes enormously to optimising health and vitality. It is often said that ‘you are what you eat’. Its a bit more accurate to say ‘you are what you absorb’ and certainly the two can be very different.

Although we are used to hearing RDA’s and recommended calorie intakes based on statistics, the reality is that in terms of nutritional needs, we are very much individuals. And the differences between us are more than marginal.

At NutriVital we like to understand your nutritional balance from a number of perspectives:

  • your own symptoms and your body’s reaction to foods
  • your practitioner’s expertise and training in nutrition
  • the results of bio-energetic testing with the Asyra, which gives information that may not be obtainable from any other form of analysis or testing.

Restorative and Preventative

In terms of health problems nutrition is both preventative and restorative.

When we work with you as a client in the clinic we will advise on how to optimise your diet for the maintenance of good health, and also give specific advice on how to use nutrition to get better when your body needs remedial action.

In the remedial phase it may be helpful to remove certain food groups completely from the diet or strongly emphasise others. Its also the time when you may need to rely on vitamins, minerals and specific co-factors in doses far above the statitistcal averages that are the RDAs. This is particularly the case if your digestive system is not absorbing well.

However, this phase may only last a couple of months while your body gets back on track. After that, the key is to get the right maintenance doses of things that you need, and make sure your diet is taking care of the majority of your needs.

Diet and Supplementation

We encourage everyone to eat the highest quality diet possible. Going organic, eating in season, avoiding highly processed foods, minimising sugar, and eating right for your metabolic and nutritional type are all important.

If you can achive all these and you are in good health, particularly in the digestive areas, then diet alone should be enough to maintain good health.

Food and herbal supplements are appropriate when:

  • you are not yet ready to follow optimal dietary patterns
  • your system is in need of remedial doses
  • your need for nutrients is temporarily very high
  • you live in an environment that is not well-suited to your body e.g. a polluted city
  • you have a lifestyle not well-suited to your body e.g overwork
  • your digestive system is not capable of abosrbing enough from the foods you eat
  • you are seeking optimal performance

During our clinic consultations, you will receive all the advice you need to make the best dieatary and supplementation decisions to suit your own individual needs for getting back to good health and staying there.

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