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Homeopathy at NutriVital

Homeopathy has been widely used throughout the world for more than 200 years.

Rather than a biochemical effect like that of drugs or herbs, homeopathy works on an ‘energetic’ level, which actually means that it helps correct patterns of imbalance by providing an informational signature for your body to follow.

It is a gentle therapy, based on the theory of treating “like with like”. Homeopathy can be safely used alongside most conventional medicines.

As homeopathy works by providing the body-mind system with information, there is no danger of addiction or toxicity. Information is either found to be useful, or it is ignored. These remedies work with the natural energy of the body, and are very safe, even for pregnant women, children, and sensitive patients.

At NutriVital, we use traditional homeopathy, and also a method provided by the Asyra Health Screening system called ‘digital homeopathy’. The Asyra system is able to replicate the informational signatures of different remedies and provide a unique combination to suit each individual client.

The approaches complement each other and the other therapies we use in the clinic.

Critics of Homeopathy

Writing in 2011, this article would not be complete without mention of recent campaigns against homeopathy from certain quarters that have been given publicity by the corporate media.

The informational and bioenergetic nature of the body-mind system and its interaction with the environment is little understood by current medical science, so most of the criticism of the homeopathic model comes from a biochemical standpoint, with a focus on the very highly diluted solutions that homeopaths use to prepare their remedies.

Another misunderstanding that is widespread among the critics relates to how homeopathic remedies are prescribed. A homeopath looks at the complete picture of a patient’s symptoms, behaviour, demeanour and character in order to know which remedy will be appropriate. This requires a high level of skill and great insight into human nature to do effectively.

It is a very different process to the prescription of drugs to suppress a symptom. While this approach can provide short-term relief, the symptom is likely to be replaced by a more serious symptom some time later, if the root cause is not addressed.

Hazel Drummond is our Homeopathic practitioner at the NutriVital centre. Her approach brings together homeopathic training with nutrition and a background in counselling and psychotherapy to provide a comprehensive approach to optimising your health.

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