Thought Field Therapy for Nail-Biting

Thought Field Therapy is an amazing way to manage negative habits. It does this by ‘tapping’ the bodies energy meridians, much like acupuncturists use needles on the very same meridians to rebalance the energy fields within. This in turn heals the meridians and the problematic thought or emotion.

Addictions are one of the main areas of difficulty for Human Beings. In the course of our lives, we will experience and learn many different things that affect our thoughts, emotions and energy meridians. Some of these things cause us to become attached to behaviours or habits we don’t like.

In this article, we will detail a TFT protocol to help overcome nail-biting. Nail biting is a behaviour learned when one is young, normally due to some kind of developmental trauma in the oral phase of development.

If you have addictive habits look at trying this TFT Algorithm, either for nail biting or another addictive urge. Keep practicing until you have it off by heart.

  • Allow your self to feel the urge of wanting to bite your nails. Let it intensify as much as you can
  • Score it from 0-10 on intensity of desire to bite (1 being low). This is your subjective unit of distress (SUD). Write it down.
  • Using 2 fingers of one hand (index and middle), tap 5 times under the eye (1 inch below the orbit and in the middle). Tap firmly but not to cause pain
  • Tap under the arm with 4 fingers (index to little) exactly where the bra would be 6 inches below the pit (on men, find the spot in line with the nipple)
  • Tap one inch down from the collarbone notch, 5 times
  • Take a second SUD rating and write it down.
  • Repeat until your SUD rating has decreased by 2 points. When it has, make a fist with one hand and use four fingers of the other hand to tap 1 inch below the knuckles of the ring and little finger of the fist.
  • Keep tapping this spot while you then open your eyes. Close your eyes, open they eyes and point them hard down left , then right, keep tapping, whirl the eyes around in a circle left then right, hum ‘happy birthday’, count from 1-5, hum the tune again
  • Repeat sequence