Building Practitioner Networks

Can natural healthcare practices become the general practitioners of the future?

At NutriVital we like to think so, and that our model of drawing on the most widely effective combination of practices is the best way to achieve this goal. That’s why we intend to create a Practitioner Network to respond to the emerging needs of:

Corporate Clients

Many large organisations recognise that natural healthcare is the way forward for staff but the find that fragmented structure of our
industry and the way it groups itself around individual therapies cannot provide the service they need. With an effective network, we could start to change that.

Clinic ‘Franchise’

A set of affiliated clinics that worked to an agreed set of protocols, with continuing professional education, a code of practice and centralised marketing initiatives could actually serve large organisations’ needs. This kind of national network could develop a reputation for an unrivalled standard of effectiveness in natural healthcare.

We’d like to hear your ideas on how to build a network of excellent, broadly-based natural health professionals. Please call us on 01730 233 414