Interview With Pain-Treatment Specialist Martin Hall

We are excited to announce the arrival of pain therapist Martin Hall, who will be running a new pain clinic from the NutriVital Health Petersfield premises. We take a few minutes to catch up with Martin and talk to him about pain.

Q) Hi Martin. So… how did you get into pain treatment?
A) Years ago, in the early 90’s, I was helping the Celestine Clinic set up – I was working as a natural nutritionist. I stumbled across natural health technologies through that work and started to integrate them into my work. This led me to the SCENAR pain treatment device. At the time, my mother in-law had two breaks in her shoulder and was using morphine for the pain. I wanted to get her off the morphine so I decided to train with the SCENAR pain treatment device. It worked – the treatments got her off the morphine and through a complete shoulder replacement without the use of painkillers. I have now been seeing patients for 3 years.

Q) What have you found to be some of the most common pain issues and causes?
A) The most common complaints that people come to me with are back or shoulder problems – long- and short-term. Most people who are ill tend to have a bad back. It is no coincidence that about 95% of the people I see who suffer from a bad back are dehydrated – dehydration in the disks causes pain. Tennis elbow is another common complaint. But it varies – I see a lot of people who suffer from neurological challenges, such as chronic fatigue syndrome and I’m currently working with a boy with severe dyspraxia. We’ve had good success rates with these issues by treating the nervous system.

Q) What advice would you give to our newsletter readers who want to free themselves – and stay free – from pain?
A) There are four key elements that they need to look at. Water, oil, oxygen, and movement (mental, physical and spiritual). So that means plenty of the right kind of water – alkalised and ionised, preferably; a good amount of quality oil in the diet – that is, cold pressed organic and in a dark bottle; learning to breathe properly; plenty of exercise to move the lymphatic system; and whatever works for the individual spiritually. A healthy seasonal diet is also really valuable.

Q) What is your proudest moment in pain treatment?
A) There’s no single moment I would pick out. It’s always very rewarding to treat the obvious skeptic who has come as a last resort. I’ve seen a few cases of frozen shoulder, where the client has been unable to move their shoulder for up to two years and by the end of a single treatment they have the full range of movement back. Or the dyspraxic client I mentioned – his struggle to concentrate had lead to a great deal of difficulty obtaining a qualification in Hypnotherapy. But his condition is much better now and he has become fully qualified!

Q) Who can you help?
A) There isn’t really a limit. Because of the way that our treatments work – by effectively re-booting the nervous system so that the body can do its work properly – anybody with pain or health problems, chronic or acute, can benefit. Or even animals!

If you would like to book an appointment with Martin, please call NutriVital Health on 01730 233 414. To read more about our approach and technology, please visit by clicking here.