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Swine Flu – The Full Story

Every day since the first reports of a new strain of flu in Mexico, “Swine Flu”, newspapers have featured terrifying headlines and stories, stoking the fears of the general public. We give you the facts about Swine Flu, so you can make up your own mind as to how worried you should be; as well as guideline health recommendations to help you avoid infection.

Everything You MUST Know About the Swine Flu Vaccine

The UK government has spent hundreds of millions of pounds of the taxpayer’s money on Swine Flu vaccines and there are plans for priorities being given to pregnant women and children. If you would like to know the facts of the vaccine so that you can make an informed decision as to what goes into your body, please read this article.

Flu Vaccinations – The Right Choice?

The government seems to be endorsing blanket use of the flu vaccine; but it does come with risks and its effectiveness can be questioned. Here we provide you with some facts to help you make an informed decision abotu your own health.