Beating Common Ailments

NutriVital Guide to Migraine

Migraine headaches affect 15% of al people in the UK; yet it is one of the least understood and poorly treated medical disorders. In this article, we will shed some light on what we know about migraine, how we can treat migraine quickly, effectively and naturally; and, most importantly, how we can avoid migraine occurrence in the long term!

Guide to IBS

One in five people in the UK develop IBS at some point in their life, and it is the second greatest cause of absenteeism, behind the common cold. Yet there is no physical cause or known treatment! Learn here from our practitioner’s experience of hundreds of cases.

Safe and Natural Thyroid Treatment

A paper written by NutriVital Health founder about the recognition and treatment of thyroid imbalance, using Bioenergetic testing, as presented at the Fourth Annual Conference of Electro Dermal Screening Practitioners in Utah, USA. The paper is based on experience with hundreds of patients treated for thyroid conditions at her UK clinic – NutriVital Health (formerly Biotech Health and Nutrition).

Could Alcohol Protect You From Colds?

The jury is split on alcohol. Is it a miracle health tonic? Is it a deadly toxin? Who to listen to! Listen to NutriVital Health as we put the argument to rest with the definitive answer.

Honey Lemon Cough Syrup

The cough remedies that pharmaceutical companies offer are chocked full of nasties. Why not prepare your own cough remedy? Here is a recipe we recommend. Not only does it soothe the cough, but it fights infection… And it tastes delicious!

Home Remedies For Asthma

You’ll be surprised to read our list of easy-to-make (and sometimes delicious) home remedies for asthma. Of particular interest to long-term sufferers and children.

The Asthmatic‚Äôs Guide To Winter

Do you suffer from asthma? Have you ever noticed the Winter can be a particularly challenging time? Ever wondered why? Read all the answers here, as well as NutriVital Health’s top tips for managing your asthma.

Beating Sinus Infection

Are antibiotics any better than a placebo for sinus infection? Use of antibiotics is something we should aim to avoid whenever possible. Read on to find out more and learn how you can beat sinus infection naturally!

Coughs - Did You Know...?

Which cough do you have?!

Managing The Symptoms of Menopause

Are you living with menopause, or considering HRT? Learn how you can enjoy this stage of your life, with a few simple, natural tips.