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NutriVital Health Centre

Make the best of your health today with NutriVital. Good health is your birthright. Sometimes it just takes a bit of work to find out how to claim it !

For more than fifteen years, we have been helping thousands of people experience a higher level of good health using innovative, yet safe and effective, natural health methods.

When you come to NutriVital, we show you how to manage your health and we treat the root cause of health issues using a variety of therapies including:

  • Energy Medicine is our speciality and we apply two innovative technologies to create more rapid results for our clients:
    • Asyra screening: giving remarkable insights into the hidden aspects of health issues and your completely individual path to healing
    • Scenar treatment: stimulating the nervous system to re-energise and heal the whole body, particularly effective for pain conditions.

Our recommended health improvement programmes frequently include:

  • Nutrition and diet – you are what you eat, or more accurately, what you absorb
  • Homeopathy – gently balancing and restoring good homeostasis
  • Herbs – non-medicinal herbs used to support your body’s organ systems
  • Counselling and EFT – our practitioners are skilled at helping you resolve stresses that lie behind physical symptoms.
  • Therapeutic Massage – to relieve and release tensions held in the body.
  • Integrative Breathwork – subtle but powerful energetic work to refresh your body and mind.

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