Safe and Natural Thyroid Treatment

At NutriVital, we have extensive experience of helping people with thyroid conditions to improve their health using safe alternatives to drug treatment. If you wish to speak to us for advice on safe, effective natural remedies (herbs, supplements, homeopathics etc) or to book an appointment for a screening and consultation, please call us on 01730 233 414. Otherwise, read on to learn more about safe, natural thyroid treatment.

Using bioenergetic testing to create an individualised treatment programme and assessing exactly which approach your body will respond best to means that our success rate is higher than when using ‘one-remedy-fits-all’ approaches to these conditions. Reproduced below is a paper written by our founder about the recognition and treatment of thyroid imbalance, using Bioenergetic testing, presented at the Fourth Annual Conference of Electro Dermal Screening Practitioners in Utah, USA. The paper is based on experience with hundreds of patients treated for thyroid conditions at her UK clinic – The Centre For Integrated Health.

The clinic has been able to both identify and treat thyroid problems successfully using this computerised screening technology. If you have been diagnosed with a thyroid condition or suspect that you may have a ‘sub-clinical’ thyroid condition and would like to explore natural healthcare approaches then please book a screening with one of our experienced practitioners.

Hypothyroid Symptoms

Hypothyroidism – low thyroid activity – affects over 40 percent of people, particularly women in their middle years, but recognition and treatment is neither obvious nor easy says Anne Smithells. Up to 64 symptoms have been associated with Hypothyroidism. The most obvious symptom is a decreased metabolic rate which can result in:

  • Decreased mental and physical function
  • Decreased basal temperature (feeling cold)
  • Dry skin (including irritation) and thinning hair
  • Constipation, weight gain, insomnia
  • Insulin resistance i.e. low tolerance to carbohydrates, hypoglycemia
  • More severe cases can lead to: infertility, slurred speech, poor heart and kidney function, weakened immune system, anemia, depression, low IQ

Experience at NutriVital shows that nearly all ME, post viral syndrome patients have low thyroid function.

Causes of Hypothyroidism

Anne often compares the thyroid function to a pendulum of a clock. If it swings in time the clock works correctly. If it swings out of time or slowly in the case of Hypothyroidism the clock runs slow. It is her experience that hypothyroidism is often triggered by shock. Examples include:

  • After an accident (often compounded by whiplash and misalignment of the lower cervical vertebrae);
  • Illness – especially involving high temperatures, glandular fever and ME;
  • Exhausted adrenals – from work stress, trauma or even pregnancy;
  • Toxicity – fluoride can cause reduced thyroxin uptake (known since 1850!);
  • Mercury and chemicals can also be a problem.

Dr Barnes (see bibliography) suggests that 1 in 5 middle-aged women suffered from a hypothyroid symptoms. Women are more susceptible than men and inheritance plays a part as well.

Testing For Thyroid Health Conditions

Blood test
This is the conventional method where the hormone levels of at least T4 is measured and ideally T3, T4 and TSH as well. However, this method tends to be inaccurate. Dr Peatfield (see bibliography) estimates that 9 out of 10 cases presenting with typical hypothyroid symptoms showed normal thyroid levels in blood tests.

Barnes test
Considered to be 85% accurate. The patient measures his/her temperature first thing, daily, under the armpit with a digital thermometer for 4 minutes and record the reading. Take an average over 4 days (30 days for menstruating women). It should be within 1 degree of 97.6F /36C. Temperatures are often between 95F and 96F for hypothyroid suffers.

Bioenergetic Testing
This method is very sensitive to hormone imbalances, especially the thyroid. By screening for hormone imbalances in the Endocrine system – not only thyroid but also adrenal, adrenocortisol, oestrogen, glucogen – a picture of how the endocrine system is functioning can be built-up and any problems pinpointed. The process only takes about half an hour, is non-invasive and gives the results immediately. Further, this method can be used to identify specific rebalancing remedies for each individual case.

Conventional Hypothyroid treatments

The most common treatment is with a thyroxin supplementation. A low dose (Eltroxin manufactured by Glaxo) is normally given and increased gradually after several weeks. A maintenance dose can be 150mcg to 200mcg. Thyroid function often declines after 18 months or so, as the patient’s own production declines. Trials have shown that:

  • long-term usage can cause as much as 13% bone density loss;
  • the thyroid becomes dependant on it;
  • it does not correct the problem;
  • 19 million Americans take it!

Natural dessicated thyroid is not freely available in the UK. However, a few doctors prescribe it at 50mcg daily increasing this slowly until the patients health improves. This prescription is for life. Although glandulars are not known to cause bone density loss, there should be concern for viral contamination.
Most glandular tissues are taken from cattle in New Zealand, Argentina and American herds, which have recorded BSE contamination. However, detection methods are still considered to be inadequate.
Raw glandulars are essentially uncooked animal tissue. Like thyroxin, glandulars will reduce the function of the thyroid. Although they correct the symptom, glandulars will not correct the function.

Assessment & treatments of the thyroid with the BEST system (The BEST machine has now been superseded by the Asyra, which works on the same principles.)
At Anne’s clinic she spends at least 20 minutes reviewing each patient’s medical history and current symptoms. She also checks their throat area for signs of puffiness and the state of their adrenals (readily tested with the BEST system). It is very common to find exhausted adrenals with hypothyroidism and it is essential that these are corrected.

Together with a herbalist NutriVital have developed a particularly effective herbal tonic for poor thyroid function. Patients are also encouraged to increase their intake of raw foods, good oils and proteins as well as taking gentle exercise, while discouraging consumption of too many carbohydrates and sugars. After the thyroid has been re-balanced, zinc, kelp and GLA are often prescribed for maintenance.

By conducting a full body screening with the BEST System, specific Homeopathics can be prescribed according to the patient’s needs. This can include constitutional and drainage therapies if problems have occurred as a result of, for example, mercury leaking from amalgams. Lymphatic drainage techniques are used when physical blockages have occurred in the body. Although manual techniques work, the speed of treatment can be significantly improved using a Light Beam Generator (LBG), especially in the sub-clavical areas, over the thyroid itself and into the Pituitary gland, via the neck.

Treatment, using homeopathics and herbs for 2 – 6 months will normally eliminate the symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, constipation, excess weight and skin problems – long term in most cases.


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The two doctors who have done more work in this field than anyone else are Dr Stephen Langer and Dr Broda Barnes. Dr Barnes’s enthusiasm for his work was so intense that he spent his vacations cutting up cadavers. Records show that he worked on over 70,000 bodies, examining all those with medical records indicating a history of hypothyroidism. Both men recognised the unreliability of blood tests. Barnes developed his temperature test which is still regarded as being 85% accurate.


Bioenergetic testing offers a very viable method of identifying and treating thyroid imbalances, especially hypothyroidism. Using this health screening instrument a comprehensive health picture is formed and specific remedies can be identified for each individual. NutriVital and Nutrition has worked with many hundreds of thyroid sufferers and achieves a very high success rate.

If you would like to know more, call us on UK 01730 233414 or see contact us for full contact details.