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Living in balance with the seasons - Winter

Homeopaths and Bio-Energetic Medicine

Protect Your Rights To Herbal Medicine from the EU

EU Directive on Traditional Herbal Medicine will not only drive prices up, but restrict consumer choice – not just of herbs, but of health treatment. If you think that the proliferation of – and dependency on – pharmaceuticals is a bad thing, then support this cause. The move is not in the interests of public health. We provide you with the facts so that you can be aware and support your basic rights from legislation from an unelected body.

Superfood Profiles

The Superfood Profile is a feature of our monthly email newsletter, in which we select one “superfood” and reveal some of its amazing medicinal properties. Here we feature a collection of these.

Thought Field Therapy for Nail-Biting

The Power Of The Mind In Healing

A new “product” in the health market is proving to work better than top pharmaceutical drugs. The bad news for drugs companies is that it’s absolutely free.

Raw Food Recipes

Here we feature a collection of recipes taken from our monthly newsletter, including fantastic raw food recipes.

Interview With Pain-Treatment Specialist Martin Hall

We are excited to announce the arrival of pain therapist Martin Hall, who will be running a new pain clinic from the NutriVital Health Petersfield premises. We take a few minutes to catch up with Martin and talk to him about pain.

Building Practitioner Networks

Swine Flu – The Full Story

Every day since the first reports of a new strain of flu in Mexico, “Swine Flu”, newspapers have featured terrifying headlines and stories, stoking the fears of the general public. We give you the facts about Swine Flu, so you can make up your own mind as to how worried you should be; as well as guideline health recommendations to help you avoid infection.